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December 15

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Since the Hana Princess arc, Nobara has only been seen once. She was in a room by a window watching Natsume, Mikan, and Ruka playing outside. She grew very sad and went over to Persona who was still recovering from when his alice backfired and laid her head on his lap. In the manga, he is best friends with Subaru Imai. Furthermore, when they are in the High School division, he and Subaru posed as ghosts looking for a victim. It is revealed in the manga that he has three Alices, but his third Alice is still not yet known. Sakurano knew Subaru since elementary school, so they are very close.

It was revealed that he knew Mikan's parents when they were young. In a special chapter about Subaru and himself, it was shown that they used to call each other names and was caught by Jinno for detention. On another year of classes, he wasn't the high school division principal anymore with Imai Subaru.

He is Hotaru's older brother, thus his looks and attitude is very similar to Hotaru's. Even though he acts cool in front of Hotaru, he truly cares for her. He is second in command to Sakurano and is the second representative of the school. He came to the Alice Academy when he was 5 years old. When he was younger and was in the elementary school division, he went to a festival called Hana lit. A rumor has said that he had met an evil ghost from a legend.

His Alice can heal wounds and can memorize the pain and transfer it to another person or animal. The two of them seem to care very much for Mikan, and protects her from those who are after her.

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He is fond of guys that are younger than him. Rui is the person who gave Tsubasa the star on his cheek called the "Mark of Obedience", but when he was young, Rui gave him 3 stars on his cheek. Rui also has a huge crush on Tsubasa, so Tsubasa tries to avoid him as much as possible. He has a bandage over his face. In the manga, he helps Persona in the Hana Princess arc. He is a playboy and likes girls a lot. He particularly likes touching and flirting with Mikan, which often makes Natsume jealous. In the manga, he helps Mikan and the others in the Z arc.

Tsubasa also seems to hate him He only appears in the manga. She is the representative for the Techinical types. He is the representative of the Somatic Class. He teaches Japanese and often deals with Natsume when he gets in trouble or tries to break out. He has the human pheromone Alice; he can make older people do what he wants, but most children pass out. Mikan calls Narumi "father" because she misses her grandfather.

Narumi considered himself too young to be a "grandfather", so Narumi asks Mikan to call him "dad" instead. Later in the manga, it is revealed that he harbored unrequited feelings for Mikan's mother. It was proven that he is not Mikan's father, but he made a promise to Mikan's mother that he will take care of Mikan during her stay in the Academy.

When he was a student at Alice Academy, he did missions for the academy like Natsume. He was the upperclassman that Reo looked up to. His ability control device is a pair of earrings, which caused Mikan to mistake him for a woman at the start of the anime. He and Misaki, who owns the greenhouse where Narumi steals those whip beans, are best friends, even though they always fight. Later in the manga, the Special Ability students found a photo album containing pictures of him and Misaki, which actually looks like Natsume and Ruka.

When he was just a student, he and Reo were specials just like Natsume. Seems to be stoic in his expressions, yet cares for the students. During his first meeting with Mikan, he helped her and introduced her to the Academy. He has the Alice to control plants, and is often annoyed by Narumi, who steals his 'bean whips'. He is appealing to the girls of the Technical Ability class, especially to Anna and Nonoko, which invited him to go with them in the last dance but he rejected them. There is a chapter in the manga where Narumi kissed him so Narumi can talk to Mikan's mother.

She is almost always seen with her crystal ball, especially since her Alice is of 'sight', which enables her to see things happening anywhere at present time. She is seen often with Narumi, but in the series, she rarely leaves the faculty room. He has the Alice of time-traveling. Seems to like appearing out of nowhere, but in fact, it's because he often cannot control when he is going to disappear or appear - caused by faults in his ability.

He is an easygoing and carefree teacher; that is why the Special Abilities class likes him so much. It has been hinted that he also knew Mikan's mother and father very well. He is the moderator of the Special Abilities Classes. His ability control device is a bangle he wears on his wrist.

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He is a cold-hearted teacher who does not hesitate in using his Alice to punish his students. He is least trustful of Mikan. He is the reason for Mikan's 'no star' rating in the beginning. He softened up and at the end of the anime series, he adapted to Mr. Narumi's style of teaching. He may look tough, but he easily gets scared by ghosts or haunted houses and releases a large amount of electricity in the process.

Fukutan is Elementary Class B's substitute teacher because of the frequent absence of Narumi.

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He is the moderator of the Sematic types and also a teacher of Home Economics. The students, except for Hotaru, Mikan, and Yuu, do not respect him and usually torments him, leaving him to run out of the room in fright and tears.

He desperately wants Narumi to stay and teach his students instead of him. His Alice is the ability to grow his hair to extreme lengths. He appeared with several other teachers while Mikan and Sumire ran out of the Academy as they were trying to save Natsume. He is mentioned briefly by Persona disguised as Serio in the Social Studies exam.

He is the moderator for the Dangerous Ability types. Seems to be the source of much of Natsume's troubles. His Alice is death. There was only one time he was seen without his mask. He disguised himself as a substitute teacher in one of Natsume's exams to see who was the cause of Natsume's change but he was found out easily by Natsume. He also held Natsume's sister captive in order to make Natsume behave.

Persona also calls Natsume his "Best Student. In later chapters of the manga, Mikan became one of his victims with the use of his Alice. Mikan had a serious illness from the day that Persona used his Alice on her. Later on, it was revealed that Hotaru's older brother; Subaru Imai had been a victim and is the only one to have survived Persona's Alice. Therefore, the school administration appoints him to cure Mikan's illness. When Mikan is in the hospital, Sakurano, noticed something in Mikan's hand; it was a disgusting black colored stone.

Slowly, all of Mikan's wounds disappeared and the colour of the stone also changed. Sakurano believes that it is actually Persona's Alice; Mikan had another ability to draw out a person's Alice and into the stone. He also wears many ability control devices such as bracelets, earrings, rings etc. Unlike Natsume, Aoi is a humorous cheerful girl and in the past said to Ruka, "You know my brother is a very cold person?

Well deep down he's very nice, but he never smiles.

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That's why I smile and laugh for him! She, however, doesn't know how cruel Persona is and thinks of him as a kind person. Aoi is blind and has also lost all of her memories of Natsume and of her previous home when she used her Alice the night the town she grew up in was destroyed. She does regain her memories and sight later in the manga. But, before she regain her memories, she said that her name was Yuki Aoi as given by Persona. Aoi has lost her Alice, thus being the only Non-Alice person in the Academy.

Her Alice shape was Childhood. At the time she caused the fire, she used up all of her Alice. When the students and faculty members found out someone without an Alice is in the Academy, so Mr. Narumi suggested Natsume to use this as an excuse to save Aoi from Persona and later she is reunited with her father and leaves. He is first seen in Episode During the performance, he faked an injury and took the chance to kidnap Natsume in the hospital. After he failed to kidnap Natsume the first time, he manipulates Ruka episode 23 to do his bidding. His ability control device is the earing he has in his left ear.

Narumi and Reo used to know each other when they were in the Academy, and out of both of them, Reo thought that Narumi would be the one that would retaliate against the Academy, but now he believes that Narumi had betrayed him. Reo obviously stays in contact with her as he says things like 'check her profile'. Azumi was part of the Anti-Alice organization and a bunch of people called Zeros.

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In the past, Noda-sensei accidentally went there and saw her carrying a baby. He never saw her face, but the baby was most likely Mikan.

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