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For part of its length it forms the border between Rajasthan and MP. Chambal has a total length of km while in Rajasthanit is km long. This is the longest river in the state flowing according to its drainage area. Banas hope of the forest is the longest river with its full flow in Rajasthan and it has the largest catchment area in the state.

Chmabal is joined by Banasnear Rameshawr in Sawai Madhopur. Its length is km. It has the highest catchment capacity among the rivers of Rajasthan. Beesalpur dam is built over this river. The region of Banas plain is a broad plain having an altitude of to m above the sea level. The plain slopes towards east. This plain is drained by Banas River through the northern part of Chittaurgarh and Udaipur district and several of its tributaries.

The Banas is the major tributary of the river Chambal which ultimately joins the river Yamuna. Another zone in this is of the Chappan plains which lie in the south-eastern part of Udaipur, Banswara, Dungarpur and southern part of Chittorgarh districts. The area is drained by tributaries of Mahi river which reaches the Arabian sea through the Gulf of Cambay. It enters Rajasthan near Khandu village in Banswara. Its total length is km. Luni has a total length of km.

Its name at the origin is Sagarmati, later on Saraswati and then Luni. Among its tributaries Jojari does not originate from the Aravalli. It contains the only integrated drainage system in the Thar desert. The Luni originates in the Aravalli hill ranges Nag Hills near Ajmer and flows south-westward the only river which flows in the west of Aravalli to the great Rann of Kutch. Enroute it is joined by numerous tributaries from the Aravallies, like the Lilri, the Guhiya, the Bandi, the Mirthri, the Sukri, the Jawai, etc. Tributaries from the isolated hills and rocky uplands in the plains also contribute to the flow in the river.

The major tributaries originating in this zone, and joining the Luni, are two Jojris near Jodhpur and Pipar, the Luniwala near Siwana and the Sagi further south near Bhinmal. All these streams show flow during good monsoon rains and flash floods during spells of very high rainfall. All these streams create the vast alluvial plains through which they flow: Younger alluvial plains along the major streams giving assured cultivation because of ground water and the older alluvial plains.

The ranns of Pachpadra, Sanwarla and Kaparda are saline depressions. These salt affected alluvial plains are more numerous where Luni meets the Great Rann. Parwan, Niwaz, Aahu, Ujad and Chauli are its main tributaries. Kakni river originates from the hills of Kotari village near Jaisalmer and after flowing in north western part falls in Bhuj lake.

In local language it is also called Masurdi river. It is also called Kakneya. Banganga river originates from Virat Nagar Bairath hills in Jaipur and flowing eastward in Bharatpur district it joins Yamuna near fatehabad in Agra district. On this river near Ramgarh a dam has been built which supplies drinking water to Jaipur city. Sabarmati river originates from Aravalli ranges in south eastern area od Udaipur. Flowing towards Gujarat this at last falls in the Gulf of Khambat. It has the least cathchment area inRajasthan.

Hatmati, Meshwa, Vankal, Majm, Vetrak are its tributaries. Gandhinagar is situated on its bank. Som river is a tributary of Mahi originating from Beechchameda in the forests of Bawalwada in Udaipur and joins Mahi river near Baneshwar. Jakham, Gomati and Sarani are its tributaries. Jakham is a tributary of Mahi having its origin near Chchoti Sadri.

Flowing through Pratapgarh it enters Dhariabad tehsil of Udaipur and joins Som river. Bedach river originates from Gogunda hills in northern part of Udaipur district. And it joins Banas near Bigod in Bhilwara district. It is also called Aayad. Vaman, Gujari and Gambhiri are its tributaries.

Kothari river is a tributary of Banas. It originates from Diwer in north of Rajsamand and joins Banas in Bhiwara. Bhilwara gets its drinking water from a dam constructed on this river. Meja dam has been built over it. The Vedas mention the river Saraswati which still flows beneath the desert of Rajasthan. Torawati Highland is the name given to the flow area of this ancient river. Much of the Ganganagar district is occupied by vast alluvial Ghaggar flood plains. The wide dry valley of Ghaggar is now known to be that of the same Saraswati river which originated in the Himalayas.

Ghagghar River now is believed to start from Kalka near Shimla. Naali is the local term used for its bed. This dry valley passes through Hanumangarh, Suratgarh and Anupgarh. Dry valleys of the Drishadvati, a major tributary of the Saraswati , occur in the Nohar-bhadra area in the eastern part of Ganganagar district. Canals have been constructed through almost all the dry valleys. The important canal systems are the Bhakra canal system, the Gang canal system, the west Yamuna canal system and the Indira Gandhi canal system.

Jawai river has its origin in Gauria village in Pali district. After passing through Pali and Jalore, this joins Luni in Barmer. There is Jawai Dam built over it near Sumerpur Pali. The Shekhawati zone has very few streams, most of which disappear after flowing for short distances in the sandy plains. The important streams are Mendha and Rupangarh which have their origin in the Aravalli and drain into the Sambhar.

The other major stream Kantli flows north- westwards from Aravallies and disappear in the sandy plains near Rajgarh. Kantli river originates from Khandela hills in Sikar but being a seasonal river later on its course it vanishes. There are two types of lakes found in the state: salt water and sweet water lakes. Abundance of salt in these lakes is caused by south western monsoon winds in summer which carry sodium chloride particles from Rann of Kuchch to Rajasthan with them but are unable to carry forward these particles due to slackness of speed.

Such lakes are mainly found in north western desert area of the state. It is the biggest salt water lake in India located near Phulera whch is 65 km away from Jaipur. Catchment area of this lake occupies about square km of area. This lake is 32 km long from south east to Northwest and 3 to 12 km broad. Khari, Medha, Roopnagar, Khandela rivers fall into it. Sambhar Salts Limited, a subsidiary company of Hindustan Salts Limited takes care of the salt production here. The thickness of lake sediment package is reported to be 20 m and comprises fine grained clays and silts, with abundant calcite, gypsum, and halite, associated with hypersaline water.

Isolated hills of graphitic phyllite and quartzite are seen on the western side of the lake. The average uranium content, in the central part of the lake, is around 60 ppm over a thickness of 5 m. Here people called Kharwal produce salt granules by using branches of Morli bushes. Due to less salinity the quantity of salt produced here is adequate only to meet local demand of salt. It is the largest artificial lake of fresh sweet water in Asia and the second of this nature in the world. It is also known as Dhebar Lake. This lake is spread on an area of 36sq km, stretches to the length of 14 km and width of 9 km.

The lake is deep to the maximum of feet and has a circumference of 30 miles. It is feet in length, feet in height and width of 70 feet at the bottom. The kings of Mewar were religious by nature and this is confirmed by the fact that this dam has a Shiva temple. Centrally located, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Moreover, a summer palace of Udaipur Queens makes the perfect backdrop to Jaisamand Lake. The lake also boasts of six interesting cenotaphs carved from marble on its embankment. On the northern shore of the lake, there is a stunning palace with a courtyard and on its southern shore; there is a pavilion of 12 pillars. In total, this lake comprises seven islands, one of which is still inhabited by the tribe of Bhil and Minas.

The biggest of these is known as 'Baba ka Bhagra' and the second one is known as 'Pyari'. In , Jaisamand Sanctuary was built over an area of 62 sq km. It has now been converted into a game sanctuary. Two canals have been drawn from here namely Shyampura and Bhat. On one of the seven islands an island resort has been built. It was built by Maharana Raj Singh in Also named Rajsamudra lake, it stretches to the length of 4 miles and 1.

River Gomti is the main supplier of water to Rajsamand Lake. This lake also boasts of a glorious dam that was built in the 17th century. Here, the five toranas weighing arches , where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendants organized the event of Tuladan Kings used to weigh themselves in gold and then distributed it amongst the Brahmans could be seen. In , the beautiful lake was built by Pichhu Banjara during the reign of Maharana Lakha later renovated by Rana Udaisingh.

It extends to 3 miles in length, 2 miles in width and has depth of 30 feet. Even the Jag Mandir is located on an island of this lake. Its foundation stone was laid by the Duke of Connaught. The lake extends to the length of 2. Fateh Sagar Lake is well-planned with three intake channels and an overflow channel that is usually made use of in the rainy season. Fateh Sagar Lake is adorned with three small islands. The second island is converted into a public park with brilliant water-jet fountains by the Government of Rajasthan.

The third island has Udaipur Solar Observatory, which is the most suitable solar observing site in Asia. This lake is encircled by hills, with the exception of its eastern side, where a straight stone dam is to be found. The lake finds mention on coins as early as 4th century BC. Regarded as the sacred lake among the Hindus, it is the only lake connected with Lord Brahma in the whole country.

In a desilting programme was undertaken here Pushkar Integrated Development Project aided by the Canadian government. It is also famous as the place where the ashes of Gandhiji were immersed. It is believed to be the place where Kapil Muni had his Ashram. It also holds a fair every year on the occasion of Kartik Poornima.

It is the sacred lake for the Garasia tribe. It is also famous for the love story between the sage Rasia Balam and the nubile teenager Kunvanri Kanya. Nun and Nandi rocks located here are also famous. King Anaji Chauhan , the grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan, built the lake for the welfare of the city. The lake was created by raising a dam across the Lavanavri River. Mughal emperors added their own constructions.

Interestingly, the Ana Sagar Lake dries up completely during summer. This lake has an island in the centre. It gets its name from the engineer Mr. Foy, a British, who created it under a famine relief project in It was created to tackle the harshest conditions of famine under a famine relief project. It appears flat and overlooks the Aravalli Mountains. This lake gets the water of Bandi River. It supplies drinking water to the town. Some other exam relevant information The Centre released Rs.

The project under the National Lake Conservation Project includes conservation measures costing Rs 42 crore. Kanota dam in Jaipur is the biggest fish producing dam in the state. Mahi Sagar Dam supplies drinking water to Banswara. The tropic of cancer passes from the southern region of Dungarpur and the centre of Banswara. The shape of Rajasthan resembles a kite or a rhombus in the map. In the east and west region there is a difference of 36 minutes. Dhaulpur sees the sunrise first of all in the state and Jaisalmer the last.

The most slanting sunrays are received by the Shriganganagar district. In North the state expands from Kona village in Shriganagnagar to Borkunda village in Kushalgarh in Banswara district in south making a North South expanse of km and from the Katra village in Jaisalmer in the west to Silaan in Dholpur in the east making an East — West expanse of km. The longest part of this line passes along Jaisalmer km and shortest part passes along Bikaner km.

The total border of the state is km long and touches five states. In north it touches Punjab, in north east Haryana, in east Uttar Pradesh, in south east and south Madhya Pradesh and in south west Gujarat when looked at in clockwise direction. The total area of the state is square km. It is Of this The state is also the largest by area in India. In pre historic times the place which is now Rajasthan was covered by Tethys Sea sandwiched between the Angara land and the Gondwana land. Aravalli Mountain and south eastern plateau are parts of Gondwana land in Rajasthan and north wastern desert, eastern plain, Sambhar Lake, Deedwana lake and Pachpadra Lake were part of the Tethys sea.

In the middle of the state lies the oldest volute mountain range in the world, that is, the Aravallis extending from the northeast to south west over a total distance of km of which km is spread in the state alone. The Aravalli Range literally meaning 'line of peaks', is a range of mountains in western India running in a northwestern direction across Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.

It is also called Mewat hills. The northern end of the range continues as isolated hills and rocky ridges into Haryana state, ending in Delhi. The famous Delhi Ridge is the last leg of the Aravalli Range, which terminates into Central Delhi where Raisina hill is its last extension. It dates back to a pre-Indian subcontinental collision with the mainland Eurasian Plate. The southern end is at Palanpur near Ahmedabad, Gujarat.. The Aravalli Range is the eroded stub of a range of ancient folded mountains. The range rose in a Precambrian event called the Aravalli- Delhi orogen.

Old Fold Mountains are marked by having stopped growing higher due to the cessation of upward thrust caused by the stopping of movement of the tectonic plates in the Earth's crust below them. In ancient times they were extremely high but since have worn down almost completely by millions of years of weathering. In contrast, the Himalayas are continuously rising young fold mountains of today.

This region extends up to the Bangad region in the North and the Luni basin in the south. The area receives scanty rainfall between 20 cm to 50 cm. Some areas do not even get 10 cm of annual rainfall. According to the National Agriculture Commission 12 districts of this region have been declared as desert. The circular hills, located in the Siwana mountaineous region in Jalor, is called the hills of Chchappan.

The circular hills in the mountaineous region known as Siwana granite hill area are called Nakoda Mountain in Chchappan hills. The desert full of stones is called Reg. In western desert there are interior land areas in between sand dunes where temporary lakes and lagoons are formed due to occasional rains. They are called Rann.

This area slopes from north to south and from east to west. In the desert region, sand dunes are spread from north-east to south-west parallel to prevailing winds. This area receives cm annual rainfall in Rajasthan and has the densest forests of the state. According to geological data this Aravalli range is related to the end of the Dharwad period. By the end of the Vindhyan period this mountain range had already come into existence. The Aravalli has the mean height of meter. The Aravalli hills slope towards the Northwest.

In northwest Udaipur and in the middle of Kumbhalgarh and Gogunda, the Aravalli is called plateau of Bhorat. This includes Gogunda, Dhariabad, Iswal and Kumbhalgarh. It covers about It has two parts: Plain of Mahi and the Plain of the Banas. Plain of Mahi valley includes south east Udaipur, Banswara and southern Chittaurgarh. This area is quite fertile and green. The average rainfall in this eastern plain is cm. The soil of this area is fertile and loamy.

The 5 to 30 metres deep trenches are locally called Khadar. It holds 6. The area receives cm of rainfall. The area between Aravalli mountain range and Vindhyachal mountain range is called Sankranti region. Chambal River has produced a km long gorge between Chaurasigarh in Chittaurgarh to Kota.

Relatively south-west part of the state is an ill- drained area due to lack of rivers. Line of 50 cm rainfall divides dry desert plain and semi-arid plain. From there this watershed on one hand receives water in Ajmer valley and south western hills of Udaipur in the west of Arabian Sea through Luni, Bandi, western Banas, Jawai and its tributary rivers. On the other hand eastern hills of Ajmer and Mewar are supplied by Banas, Bedach, Khari rivers which fall into Chambal which joins Yamuna.

And most of these are in the form of sword. Rann area situated in the north of Jaisalmer and in the middle of south to Pokhran is free from sand dunes and is related to lime stone, sand stone rocks, Jurassic and Eyocin cells. Whole sandy desert is called Eirg. The sweeping huge sand dunes resebling waves are locally called Dhore.

Transposed sand dunes are called Dharian in the desert. They have almost no human population. The half-moon shaped huge shifting sand dunes are called Barkhaan in the desert. In north Jaisalmer, Playa lakes surrounded by interior borders are called Khadeen. Udiya plateau is the highest plateau of Rajasthan located at the foot of the Gurushikar peak. It is meters higher than the Mt Abu. The second highest plateau is located at the foot of the Abu Mountain. Average height of Abu Mountain is meter. The spread out part of Jhunjhunu, Sikar and Nagaur is called Bangar.

In Dungarpur, Pratapgarh and Banswada the area is called Vagad. The central part of Banswada and Dungarpur is called Meval or Devalia. In north east Ajmer the Aravallis are not a continuous chain but are dotted by what are called the wind valleys. Merwara region includes most of Ajmer, Diver, Rajsamand and Tadgarh.

The mountain range near Tadgarh which separates the plain of Marwar from the high plateau of Mewar is called Merwara hills. The expansion of hilly area in almost whole of Udaipur and Dungarpur except a narrow belt in eastern Sirohi and in eastern Udaipur is called Mewar hills. In Mahi basin between Pratapgarh and Banswra, the flow region of fifty six rivers and rivulets is called Chchappan plains because it membered by village groups and 56 rivers and rivulets.

The land of Pratapgarh situated on the bank of Mahi river is called Kanthal. In Aravalli range separate desolate hills situated near Devgarh whose elevated land resembles a mound are called Piedmont plain. The middle part of the hill situated in extreme west of eastern Sirohi having sharp slope and low height and uneven ground is called Bhakar.

As a part of Luni basin and famous as Jalor strip is called Goadwad or Mala and it includes south east Barmer, most of Jalor and Sirohi. Shekhawati region is the extension of the north eastern region of Bangar. This includes north eastern Nagaur, eastern Churu, Sikar and Jhunjhunu districts. Dhundhar is that major part of former Jaipur state which includes Jaipur, western Sawai Madhopur and northern Tonk. Deshaharo is a green and enriched region which falls between Jarga and Raga hills in south Rajasthan.

Plain in Rann of Kuchch region is called Little Rann. The wide strip where the useful Sevan grass is found along Redcliff line from Pokaran in Jaisalmer to Mohangarh is called Lathi series. It has relatively higher water table compared to the surrounding area. In geological strip of Ajmer and Nagaur, drinking area of this area has more fluoride causing bone deformity in the people living there. It causes forward bending with age. That is why it is called Kubad Patti. The Sevak Sangh used to run schools for Dalits and Adivasis in the district.

Under pressure from the British the Prince of Dungarpur disallowed the organization from running these schools. The state police went to Rastapal village on 19th June to close the school there which was running in the house of Nanabhai Khat. Nanabhai refused to close the school and and lock it and give the keys to the police. The police then beat him up ruthlessly took him away. However, Nanabhai succumbed to his injuries on the way. After beating him till he became unconscious the police tied him to their truck and took him away dragging him on the road.

A student of the school Kalibai ran towards the truck with a sickle to cut the ropes and free Sengabhai. Kalibai did not pay heed to repeated warnings and reaching her teacher cut the rope with one movement of her sickle. The police were enraged at this and when Kalibai went to attend to Sengabhai they shot her in the back.

Kalibai later died in the hospital in Dungarpur.

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This unjust murder of a girl student of the school for trying to save her teacher incensed the Bhil Adivasis and they came together from surrounding villages and a massive twelve thousand people fully armed with bows, arrows and swords and their traditional drums descended on Dungarpur. The people of the village built a statue of the brave thirteen year old girl Kalibai in Rastapal and even today a fair is held there on the occasion of her martyrdom. Jamnalal Bajaj was an industrialist, a freedom fighter and a philanthropist.

In he founded the Bajaj group of companies. He was deeply impressed by the ideals preached by Gandhiji. He even took his wife Jankidevi and his children to stay in Sabarmati ashram. He gave up the title of Rai Bahadur conferred on him by the British. Jamanalal was made the president of Gandhi Seva Sangha, which was a group of workers who dedicated their time to constructive work. He also became a member of the Congress Working Committee and the treasurer of Congress in Jamanalal Bajaj was involved in the removal of untouchability, promotion of Hindi, and Khadi and village Industries.

Along with C. Rajagopalachari he founded the Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha university to encourage learning of Hindi across the country. He left the doors of his own family temple, the Laxmi Narayan Mandir, in Wardha open for the Harijans in , when he was opposed by the local orthodoxy. He began a campaign by eating a meal with Harijans and opening public wells to them.

He got several wells dug in his fields and gardens. Due to his devotion, he was elected the chief of the Jaipur Rajya Praja Mandal in Nelson Mandela and Desmund Tutu are the famous awardees among others. He is known as the Loknayak or Sher-e-Rajasthan.

The organization was banned in He was chief minister of Rajasthan twice, first time from 26 April to 3 March and a second time from 1 November to 12 November He also established the Gyan Mandir in Hiralal Shastri was born in a peasant family at Jobner in Jaipur. He stood first in the B. He joined Jaipur State Service in and later became Secretary in the Home and Foreign Departments; however the love of the land made him resign in Here he trained a group of social workers to implement a programme of rural reconstruction.

One of these was his own daughter Shantabai who later died of an illness. Today it is an A grade university dedicated to the education of girls. In the Praja Mandal's Satyagraha for achievement of civil liberties was led by him for which he had to undergo a six-months imprisonment. In the same year he was elected to the Constituent Assembly. He resigned on January 5, and later became a member of the Second Lok Sabha. A commemorative postage stamp was issued in November, in honour of Pandit Hiralal Shastri.

His actual name was Bhoop Singh Gurjar but he changed his name after being implicated in the Lahore Conspiracy Case of He started the dailies Naveen Rajasthan which later became the Tarun Rajasthan. He was also a historian besides being a poet. Rasbihari Bose had given him the leadership of the revolutionaries in Rajasthan. It was a branch of Abhinav Bharat. He took part in the plot to throw a bomb at Lord Hardinge on 3 December during the Delhi Durbar.

His uncle Jorawar Singh Barhath was also a part of that group. He was arrested in Banaras Conspiracy Case and was sentenced for five years in He was subjected to brutal torture in Bareilly Central Jail to force him to reveal the names of his compatriots but he refused. The proud son of the land died in jail on 7 May He was a teacher in his early career but under the impact of Pathikji he veered towards the freedom movement. He played a stellar role in Bijolia peasant movement. He founded the Mewar Praja Mandal in He later became the Prime Minister of Sanjukta Rajasthan.

He served as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for 17 years — He became chief minister at age 38 and was responsible for bringing major reforms and developments in Rajasthan. For this, he is still widely regarded as the "founder of modern Rajasthan" He inaugurated the Panchayati Raj. His government passed Rajasthan Zamindari and Biswedari Abolition Act in that transferred the title of land to the tenants, doing away with centuries-old zamindari system in Rajasthan.

He remained the CM for the longest time until his record was broken by Jyoti Basu. He played a stern role in the implementation of land reforms in Rajasthan. The Child Marriage Restraint Act was a result of his untiring efforts to check the practice of child marriage. So this dates back to prehistoric Jurassic era, revealing that the Park was once a forest. Other fossils sea shells confirm that the Thar desert might once indeed be covered by sea, as indicated by a legend in Ramayana. Other prehistoric sites in Rajasthan are Bairath, Raidh and Bhangarh. These followed agro-pastoral culture.

They used Black-Red ceramics and pottery. Kalibangan in Hanumangarh in Rajasthan is one such site. It closely resembles other sites of Indus Valley Civilization in town planning except the fact that this place shows signs og fire worship unlike other places which seemed to have followed the worship of mother goddess.

Archaeologists also believe that it was the first town inj Indian history to have been completely destroyed by an earthquake. First remains of an agricultural field found anywhere in the world have been found at this site. Yaudheyat, another warrior republican tribe, ruled over Northern Bikaner. It had its capital at Viratnagari modern Bairath. The king of this place, Virata, provided shelter to the pandavas during their 13th year of exile according to the epic Mahabharata. Meenas of now trace their origin from the matsyas of this kingdom. Upaplavya was another city in this kingdom as per the epic Mahabharata.

Bairath also provides evidence of presence of Buddhism as proved by two Ashokan edicts and the remains of Buddhist monasteries. Stone age implements like hammer, Gofan balls, stone for boring and bones of cow, ox, pig, jackal etc have been obtained. Evidence points to the presence of Buddhist monks. Three sites are noteworthy- Hathya Gaud site, Binayaga hill heritage site and Kolvi.

Dhaulpur, Bharatpur and Karauli later came under the rule of the Surasena Jnapada with its capital at Mathura. A number of sculptures as well as pottery found at Noh in Bharatpur and inscriptions tell the fact that this region was prosperous during the Kushan period that followed the Mauryans. Jaipur 2. Bharatpur 3.

Second this ended the anarchy created in the state by constant Maratha threats. There was no additional financial burden as well since the Khiraz that they paid to the Marathas was now paid to the British. However in the long term they had to pay a heavy price as the East India Company constantly interfered in the internal affairs of princely states. Gradually the rulers of these princely states were reduced to the status of quasi feudal lords or jagirdars.

An Indian ruler in subsidiary alliance with the Company had to: 1. Indian rulers under British protection let go the control of their foreign affairs to the British. Most maintained British troops within their states to protect them from attack, having disbanded their own armies. The constant threats from the pindaris and the Marathas compelled the Rajputana princely states into alliance with the Company.

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Alwar first of all , Bharatpur et al were the first to sign the alliance in Rajasthan in In return he stopped raids into Rajputana. The second round of treaties came during the Governor- Generalship Lord Hastings He wanted to establish a confederacy of the Indian states under the paramountcy of the Company which was proposed by Metcalfe in in regard to the Rajputana states. Karauli became the first to enter into alliance in this round followed by Kota They captured the fort of Jodhpur in In they interfered with the internal affairs of Jaipur.

Wherever the ruler was a minor or an adopted heir, they left a Resident and a council representing the British interests. I miss the early morning chats that we used to have in 1st year while standing in the balcony looking at the rising sun. I also miss the late night chats of 2nd year. Keep in touch. Take care Our outings together have been so much fun. Aparajita Singh Chandel You are a very kind person and a wonderful friend We have shared some wonderful moments together and fought some fierce battles against each other As a friend you have been always there whenever I needed you I will surely miss all the bakar which we have done together Have so many memories that it is getting difficult summarizing everything..

Wish you all the success in life and be happy always Keep in touch Ravish Chandra Verma We had some gr8 moments and some forgetful ones U have a great knack for numbers. All the best and stay blessed. One of the closest friend in GIM. A person who can care like a mother, love like a close one, shower wishes like a priest and every other shade of a good person I can think of. We had numerous. My crazy stupid but most importantly lovely Aakansksha Pata nahi Fin kyo liya tha.

Jab bhi milti thi mujhse, pucha karti thi, ye BOND kya hota hai. Neeraj Kumar Goyal My dear roomie.. Likewise you also do :p we had crazy sleep cycle where the time i came to sleep was the time for you to get up. You are a sweetheart and you have a very caring nature.. Keep rocking as you always do.. May you get your dream guy and you get married soon. All the very best to you! Prerna Taneja One of the most innocent at heart simple girls on campus.

You really remind me of a little girl when you laugh. Gauranshi Atul Tripathi. Aayushi Thakur Aayushiiii!! I love you to bits!! You are one gorgeous looking girl with a beautiful heart! May you have a glorious future, as bright and beautiful as you are! Pooja Sharma Aayushi Thakur Everything would be a lie. But still let me try The girl has an unbelievable zeal for life.


She is a force of nature; unstoppable and irresistible. Crazy most of the times, she is also kind and considerate when you need her. She has an insatiable appetite for travelling and. Sattwik Mohanty Thakurrrr My very first friend in GIM. Crazy, mad, travel enthusiast, Delhi ki chhokri and the only other night owl i know in GIM. We are similar in many ways and i have enjoyed every minute of our friendship. Tere jaise aasaani se nahi milte. Surprisingly full of life, you brighten up everybody around you.

You are one a kind. Never change coz you are amazing just the way you are. Keep in touch and keep rocking. Arjun Gupta It took me some time to digest the fact that you are a normal girl par ab main Khuda ka shukriada karta hoon ki tu meri zindagi mein aayi Stay Blessed, stay Sexy Shobhit Somesh These two years would not have been great without you.. I will miss this time.. Random trips, bhoot ki kahaniya sunake tumko darana, honk karke. Always remain the way you are and never change.

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And when people say, we are similar.. Single piece hai tu.. I always keep my promises, and i promise, we will always stay connected..

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Himanshu Shekhar. Abhay Mishra ladka heera hai I wish you all the luck in life and stay fit and happy always.. Siddharth Negi it was good to wrk with u for csr.. Good luck Mishra Ji! Ashwin U Shenoy. Mishra bhai wish you good luck for life. I am glad we became friends after the big fight in the first week! Stay in touch. God bless you! Hemant Dua Good to see the changes that you have gone through.

Best of luck Sudeep Mahto Always full of confidence, ready to face any challenge! Surprisingly quiet this year :P : All the best for the future Suhas A R Mishra Sparsh Bhatia Mishra.. I came to know you during placements.. You are a nice person.. And you have guided me when I needed it the most during placements.. Thank you so much.. Stay happy : Shubhangi Bhargava Mishra I will remember u as a person who saved my life in Netravali when I was about to fall in fast flow of water when my leg slipped terribly Also, we made our team for Packup competition with Mecca and I remember whole night u worked tight to bring the likes In last few months, I have seen a changed Mishra.

But I would indeed say bring back the amazing confidence which u had in the first year. Anyways, stay happy and ATB Robin Garg. U r a really changed person And the change is for good only So, be like this Nothing ll stop u from opening ur own company Suraj Kumar Poddar Mishra mera bhaaii , if there is one thing that epitomizes you that is supreme self belief.

No matter what has gone wrong , eventually you do come out of it and each time a conversation with you has been a reminder of how to handle shitty situations with ease. All the best for everything you plan to do. Ajit Thomas ur a very funny person gud to be wid i think ur highly misunderstood by people thoda waise tmhara hila hua hai but utna jaruri bhi hai bhai tu hai alpha male and u know it, i still remember that thing what u said when i told u to propose the grl whom u love so much ki bhai propose mar de tu to alpha male hai ha bol degi and ur reply was bhai ye usko thodi pata hai ki mai alpha hu still makes me smile..

Suryansh Jaiswal MIshraa jiiiiiii, sarkar badia ladke ho tum ekdam : Shrey Kohli. Abhishek Bhageria Bhai yaad kar woh B2B ke assignments Akshay Sudheer Bhandari One hell of an adventurist, and my fellow partner in many trips. Have a great life ahead Kuch nai to saare list students ki list dekh liyo!! Tuje atleast pata lag jayega batch main kon kon tha! But we all love you that way! I really commend you nononsense.. All the best! Stay happy! All the best.. Amit Rupani Tu hain ki nahin :P. Tere figure dekh kar toh yehi lagta hain , but tumse baat karke laga ki tum hain.

Your calm and innocent behaviour is really worth copying. Always keep enjoying life and be in touch!! Sandeep Jain Bhageriaaa I remember our CSR thursdays everytime I think about you. Mastt bandaa hai yar tu bhi. Always on the go, be it badminton, guitar or your travelling, you are so happy and contented hamesha. I will always remember our bike trips and the way you never said no whenever I wanted any help from you.

A gem of a person. Stay in touch buddy. God bless Sulagna Somnath Bagchi Bhageria.. Focused guy who knows his liking and disliking very well and make decisions accordingly.. Very patient guy who always looks to avoid altercations and try to be the part of solution and not problem.. Working on those few assignments was a great fun and learning experience and yes SOME day i will beat u on badminton court dude Faad khelta hai.. All d best.. Parth Saxena Bhageria Roadies salute to you bhai First bench pe baith ke sone ke liye talent chahiye..

Be in touch buddy He is good at many things yet very down to earth. I simply adore the way he takes up new challenges and always wants to xcel in each and every phase of life. There is a lot to learn from you and i hope i do that in the coming few years Siddharth Rajkumar Maheshwari Bhageria.. U r a gr8 person. U hav sat in front of me in class, sleeping!! We played TT together, and worked in many groups together, and continued our friendship in CSR as well.

Ur guitar skills are commendable, wud miss singing with it.. Stay in touch buddy..

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Sudipta Kumar Bahali. Manisha Murali Nair One of the sweetest guys in campus!! Thanks for keeping my teddy in your cupboard for soooo long! She really appreciates the hospitality especially the wine bottles! Sanghamitra Ganguly Kappaa All the best bro Amit Rupani We 2 were the unlucky ones who had to sit on bad side of. The quietest guy on campus but very helping friend. Thanks for everything. Teri mithai rakhi hai. Aditi Asthana bhai The name was a mystery till last trimester but now since its clear it all makes sense :P An awesome friend , always ready to help, irritating at times though.

All the best for your future and stay in touch Varun Rakesh Mehta Kappa is a very calm, silent and ever smiling person. From IT GIM projector guy to heartthrob to a footballer to a guy with a big tummy, kappa has been very a friendly yet equally shy person. He is the one who has been with me through all thick and thins.

You were always there for me when I needed some moral support. And yes you really deserved a date Be in touch bhai And I am really happy to read one of your testimonials ; BEst of luck for future, have fun, keep in touch! Im sure the IT industry is glad to have you back,. High performance Delivered indeed.. Do remember the Non-IT guys,.. GIM journey would have been incomplete without u Varad Vallabh Kunkolienkar. Abhishek Sharma chchuuuuuuu, You have been my saviour when it comes to conversations, real conversations I have known you from the very first day and I can proudly say that our bond has become stronger by day.

You have remained with me during thick n thin, I wish you could express yourself better when it comes to emotions. Your support has been a driving force. Sakshi Dua chchaaa.. You have been a true brother and our conversations over u know what will always remain epic. Sattwik Mohanty ChCHaaaaaa!! My neighbour for whom I was a human alarm clock. Wish you all the best, buddy! Sameer Saraschandra Volvoicar Chachs.

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He is the self-proclaimed innocent boy.. But the best part about you is your chilled out nature, the warmth u possess for ur friends and your jovial nature. During our Bombay stint we clicked instantly and its been great till now.. I know u will go a long way in your life and will make it big.. And even then I will never stop troubling you and pulling your leg. Will miss you a lot.. Wishing u the best for your future. Shivani Gupta Chachaa is one of the genle fun loving giants I have come across in the campus. His fun loving attitude is something which makes him the Chachaa which we all know!

Stay in touch bhai Joydeep Ghosh Bhai bas ek cheez.. Bada time waste ho gaya, thodi late dosti hui but whatever be the time, you are really an amazing person and fun to be with.. Stay the same always!! Aur thud sona kam kar do!! S Baraat aayegi toh rajasthan hi but aap ladke waale hoge na ki ladki waale! Khushnaseeb Abhishek, mera constant group mate. The number of assignments we have done together. Baap re. U n I against Bando. Godrej mein aag laga diyo. I m sure life has big plans for u.

God Bless!! Kunal Suman Chopra. Aditi Asthana One of the practical and understanding girl at the same time One year we spent as roomies would always be cherished.. My birthday.. Stay the same Garima Sehrawat yaar Aditi, U r a true friend, I love u sooooo very much dosti vala :-p. At baga, where people were busy :-p and we both had our eyes glued at the hookah.. I seriously want u to be in the same city, Preferably Bangalore :p u kno y. Varun Mittal Our friendship from where it started, to this place where we stand, its been a roller coaster ride.

Been through so many ups-and-downs; been fun-and-at times been stressed; And all of that, just happened in a jiffy!! Woahh, just cannot believe There are too many memories to fit in here. But I believe that those long heart-to- heart chat sessions would be the ones that I would cherish the most.

Thanks for being my friend at times when I needed some genuine support. Thanks for being a guide in those moments of doubt. We connected on many levels except a few like me being a cooking handicap. Hope our friendship survives the tests of time. And as I close, I wish that you accomplish what you aspire of you know what I am hinting at , and know it that I am always around if you ever need my help!

Cheers and Smiles!! Anukarna Singh Aditi : You have almost written everything that I would have had written for you. I wonder.. I mean aur bhi zyada :P I would always appreciate the effort you made : Hope Pune happens soon to us! And one thing you give Jabong, Flipkart, myntra.. Pooja Sharma U have been a great friend and a wonderful colleague.!!

We have had some great moments and thanks for being there always my dear sis! May our friendship last forever. Cheers and all the best!! Keep smiling always Suman Bose I hate you for your lazy demeanour and love you for everything else. Yaar dada bar chalo, yaar pizza khana hai, yaar vada pav khana hai. But on a serious note,I like your helping nature and your genuine concern towards your friends.

Faraz Ahmad. Aditya Patankar Floor mates Class mates Certainly one of my first mates. You have been so good to me like my elder brother. You have got food for me :P most of the times when I am hungry When I fell sick, you took me to hospital. I will be thankful to GIM for introducing me to one of the most genuine yet sarcastic souls : You rock Sir Pritish Nanda Badaa bhai hai tu mera, care free bindass and genuine banda, bahut kuch sikhaaya hai tune, thanx for all the encouragement and belief that u instilled in me, its grt to b in ur company, kabhi kabhi violent streak jaag jaati hai iski lekin baaki time ekdum calm and composed..

U know how to handle ppl, thats a rare skill All the best for ur future, bahut aage padhega pata hai, will surely stay in touch. Neel Girish Chitalia Patankar! I hope you will take my advice and do your laundry more regularly: I have taken a lot good movies from you,so thank you for them. Seriously though,have a good life and keep in touch. Good luck! Ruchira Pradip Porob Adi One of the best person I have ever met..

Fun, fearless, confident Loves speed Does not hesitate to say things on the face of the other person, friend or foe Not at all diplomatic Your cool and bindaas attitude comes across as a fresh air Lucky enough to have a friend like you Bro always keep smiling Your smile is infectious Hope you have all the success in life.. Stay blessed Shubham Agarwal I hated you most when you ordered so much non veg and beer on CSR visits Thursdays and all i could order was veg biryani and fruit juice. But you made the visits fun , though we landed up in C category :P Very carefree and never talks in normal words, only sarcasms.

A- team group or CSR , i could never understand when you are being sarcastic and when not. Aur party toh tu hi dega A-team vali : Wish you success in life.. ADB for cogni Aditi Asthana Patankar.. A very silent neighbor, loves listening to music over headphones.

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A die hard non veg, could kill for chicken and Kf strong. You are the one who introduced me to series like GoT and BB. Wish you good luck and all the success in life. Utkarsh Sthapak Patankar : This guy just loves food. Never said no to me for food, beer or beaches. Dont ever lose your carefree and bindaas attitude. Agli baar daaru peeke maarna mat pls. Keep rocking. Cheers Nishant Arun Shende I can Bet tune peene k baad mujhe shende se zyada maara hai Me: Uth gya, Patankar: No, fir hassna, Varun Mittal Making u watch Homeland is 1 of my personal achievements over d last 2 yrs in GIM :P we bonded naturally with both being ardent series fan.

U hating Neal Cafrie still pains me. I m sure i may end up in pune some day, so do keep in touch:P All d best for ur future Praveen Raikar. Its been fun making you study subjects that i graduated in and see you understand them better and even score better marks!

Keep that tickle monster in check!! You have truly taught me a lot of things.. All the best in life! Manisha Murali Nair Ajinkya!!! Total bakar and globaal hai tu meccan! See you on the other side.. Neetika Kataria One of the richest guys in campus, when it comes to gadgets and swag, he is a serious competitor to me! Stay the same bro, and make lots of more money All the very best for your future, god bless Miss the times we have spent with Mecca, those chats assignments, time spent over midnight snacks and not to forget our fights, n more fights n even more fights.. I m surely going to miss you!!!

Sakshi Khandelwal Ajinkya! You have been one of the sweetest boys in class, always smiling and being nice to me. I will always remember your boondi ladoo dhoka, and your efforts to make up for it. Keep being the amazing person that you are, and i would surely like to be in touch with you!

Remember our long phonecall sessions where we discussed everything about GIM? And then our Mayem. You have such an amazing sense of humour that you can bring smiles around in the grimmest of situations.

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  7. I remember you telling me that Mecca is the only club you want to get into and you made it there and how! Such a strong determination man. Mumbai me milte rehna dost. Sulagna Somnath Bagchi A hard working,dedicated guy,always ready with a smile.. Right from the group activity to small time pass talks that we shared it all added to my experience here at GIM.. Also something about a certain summer internship Apple.. As i said, the smile should never come off.. Keep in touch buddy Sarat Sekhar Dombivali cha Hero! One of my first friends in GIM.. Wish you all the best for the future!

    Amrita Sudarshan Parab Mr. A hardworking and dedicated guy with a smile on his face always A great presenter Ek chiz samaj nahi aaya sale har presentation mein Tata Motors ya Samsung TW mein mahaul jamaya jayega All the best buddy Sudeep Mahto. Also the molestation which You and baba did to our humble sriram was funny at times :p have a good life ahead! Clearly, one of the most hard working and rational person of our batch. He has a logical approach to complete every task given and his commitment towards work is immense. Be it winning competitions or delivering the best presentations, Ajit has done it all.

    I know you will excel a lot on the career front. Stay connected! Words would be less to describe my best friend on campus Ajit. From Second trimester to final trimester there is hardly any time when we were not working together. admin